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Demonic Archive: The Mythology of Demon's Souls ('Benefactor Tier' Pre-order)

Demonic Archive: The Mythology of Demon's Souls ('Benefactor Tier' Pre-order)

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The Benefactor Edition of Demonic Archive features 1) the Armored Edition with brushed-steel slipcase, plus 2) a special credit by name in both the print and digital editions of the book. This edition will no longer be available for pre-order after the 30th of September, 2023.

"A Demon's Souls treasure trove" - GameSpot

What happened to King Allant that would motivate him to kickstart the apocalypse? Where exactly is the Nexus situated within Demon's Souls' world? What secrets lie beyond the sixth Archstone fallen to ruin and bereft of light?

Get the answers to these questions, and many more, in Demonic Archive: The Mythology of Demon's Souls. The most exhaustive dissection of Demon's Souls' lore in existence. Authored by Lokey, the scholar behind Abyssal Archive: The Mythology of Dark Souls.

Now available in two stunning editions – a standard edition with board-reinforced die-cut slipcase and a limited-time Armored Edition with brushed-steel slipcase, which only be available for pre-order until September 30th, 2023.

Reserve your copy now... "so the world might be mended."


Product details:

  • Dimensions: 7" x 10" | 18cm x 26cm
  • Page count: 212 pages, including 9 original full-colour illustrations by Juan Acosta
  • Set in Garamond type with Priori as display
  • Printed in black and metallic-copper ink on 130gsm Munken Pure uncoated design paper
  • Wrap-around screen-printed 'Vanguard Demon' cover design by Andrew P Hind
  • 40+ spot illustrations and custom chapter-head frame by BLOC
  • Copper page-edge gilding along upper edge
  • Die-cut brushed-steel slipcase with laser engraving
  • 'Magic circles' original endpapers design printed in metallic silver ink on Materica Terra Rossa burnt-orange 180gsm paper

[Note: Demonic Archive is not an official product of FromSoftware or Sony Computer Entertainment and is not endorsed by either company.]

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