Abyssal Archive production update - April 2023

Abyssal Archive production update - April 2023

Hello everyone,

I'm just back from the Abyssal Archive "press pass" with our printer in Vicenza, Italy. Printing got underway on March 27th and it was a joy to be there to see the first pages roll off the printer.

The full-colour illustration pages and companion map of Lordran were the first to be printed, as the machines needed to be washed clean before transitioning to the black-and-gold ink combination of the internal text pages.


We were fortunate to be able to have Judson Cowan (pictured above), the artist behind the Lordran companion map, join us for the press pass. He has extensive experience in print production and was an invaluable resource in terms of helping us train our eyes in examining the pages coming off the printer.

At this stage all of the illustrations, maps and internal text pages for Abyssal Archive have been printed and we have given the printer the green light to proceed with binding ✅

During our visit, we also signed off the endpapers and the updated covering material that we discussed in the previous update (Saville Row Tweed - Camel). Everything is looking superb and we are excited to see the final bound result.

We are aiming to have binding completed by the end of May and get books on their way to our warehouses for last-mile delivery soon after.

As always, if you want to discuss the project, you are very welcome in our T&F Discord channel.

All the best,


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