Our Story


Tune & Fairweather is an independent press based in Dublin, Ireland.

Our founder Jason Killingsworth, a veteran magazine editor and arts journalist, grew up in Ireland, born to American missionary parents. Having divided his life between America and Ireland, he finally returned to settle in Ireland permanently in 2009.

Dual citizenship has its perks but a tidy, coherent identity is not one of them. Never fully Irish, never fully American.

Such in-between places breed an acceptance of life’s complexity. The fraught embrace of our logo’s two snakes – sorrowful Tune and his hot-tempered counterpart Fairweather - draws inspiration from The Book of Kells but also evokes the healthy tension between order and chaos, home and adventure.

As Pádraig Pearse, the Irish revolutionary wrote, “Two things have constantly pulled at cross purposes in me; one a deep homing instinct, a desire beyond all words to be at home always, with the same beloved faces, the same familiar shapes and sounds about me; the other an impulse to seek hard things to do, to go on far quests and fight for lost causes. And neither thing, neither the quiet home life nor the perilous adventure, has ever brought me any content.”

Art is a perfect place to tug at such knots and explore their contours. A quest for illumination, not contentment.

Weaving together his love of print publishing, expressive writing and bold design, Killingsworth aims to create a home for authors and illustrators who share his fascination with the winding, slithering path. If the Irish legend has St. Patrick driving the serpents out of Ireland, we’re here to celebrate their arrival home.

A hundred thousand welcomes – to them, to you.

Tune & Fairweather founder Jason Killingsworth

(Tune & Fairweather founder Jason Killingsworth)