Shipping timetable for Soul Arts pre-orders

[Page updated: 22nd July, 2022] 

US order update:

All US orders have been picked and packed at our warehouse in the Netherlands and must now be transported via sea freight to the US to be handed over for last-mile delivery. Estimated departure date from the Netherlands is 26 July, estimated arrival date at Chicago is 13 Aug. This will provide a central midwestern point for shipping to reduce last-mile delivery times.

Note to US customers: if you check your tracking number, it may appear that your order has been stuck at a postal facility in the US since late June (when the shipping label was originally created). This is misleading, as the containers travelling via sea freight have not yet arrived so your order has not been handed over to the US Postal system. Your delivery is still in process.


July 18th - July 26th: Pick and pack EU orders (approx. 5K books).

July 22nd - July 25th: Pick and pack AU orders (approx. 1K books).

July 26th - July 29th: Book sea-freight collection for AU orders (NZ orders are processed under "Rest of World" timetable).

July 27th - July 28th: Pick and pack CA orders (approx. 1K books).

July 28th - Aug 1st: Book sea-freight collection for CA orders.

Aug 1st - Aug 2nd: Pick and pack UK orders (approx. 3K books).


All backers will receive tracking information for their package once the label has been generated so you can follow its progress, however please note the rough delivery timeframe estimates we've been given by our vendor:

ETA for EU orders: early-to-mid Aug (these will begin arriving first, as they don't require sea transit).

Note: Our shipping vendor that the first courier shipments for EU customers left the warehouse on July 28th and 29th so we expect to see copies start arriving in the days to come.

ETA for UK orders: late Aug / early Sept.

Note: Though pick & pack will be done in early August, we’re not able to ship UK books out immediately as the UK is requiring us to become VAT registered in order to import shipments and are currently processing our paperwork, which takes a few weeks. We beg your pardon for the delay.

ETA for US, CA and AU orders: late Sept / early Oct (the time required for sea passage introduces a significant delay in the delivery time, for which we apologise.

ETA for Rest of World orders: late Sept / early Oct (I didn't separate these out in the timetable above, as they are fairly low in number and will be picked and packed alongside the US orders. Regrettably, they also require the time duration associated with bulk sea freight).