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Tune & Fairweather

Demonic Archive (digital edition)

Demonic Archive (digital edition)

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Contains both full-layout PDF and ePub version for Kindle, Apple Books, etc. DRM-free.

"A Demon's Souls treasure trove" - GameSpot

What happened to King Allant that would motivate him to kickstart the apocalypse? Where exactly is the Nexus situated within Demon's Souls' world? What secrets lie beyond the sixth Archstone fallen to ruin and bereft of light?

Get the answers to these questions, and many more, in Demonic Archive: The Mythology of Demon's Souls. The most exhaustive dissection of Demon's Souls lore in existence. Authored by Lokey, the scholar behind Abyssal Archive: The Mythology of Dark Souls.

Physical collector's edition available here.

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