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Modern Ruins (digital edition)

Modern Ruins (digital edition)

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Contains full-layout PDF of Modern Ruins. DRM-free.

Modern Ruins is a luxurious large-format art book containing hundreds of photographs by acclaimed London-based photographer Robin Hudson.

Part of the urban-exploration (a.k.a. 'urbex') community, Robin travels to remote locations – sanatoriums, hilltop villas, monasteries, hotel hideaways, vineyard farmhouses, decommissioned factories – to document magnificent or historically significant architecture from the recent past that has fallen into decline and sits abandoned awaiting demolition... or possibly renovation.

Some of the locations in Modern Ruins have collapsed since being photographed so their memory lives on in this collection. Let your imagination roam as you mingle with the ghosts inhabiting these elegiac, time-forgotten spaces.

Physical edition of Modern Ruins available for pre-order here.

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